Healthy Tips for Runners

It’s easy to mistake runners for being super healthy people. In fact this mistake is often repeated by the runners themselves. It’s easy to think of yourself to be a “healthier” just because you run. This smugness has often downed many runners during the worst possible circumstances, like preparing for a race.

This article deals goes through several tips that runners can use to keep themselves healthy. Remember, they may seem to be trivial but these tips can make or break you on your most important running days.

Eating well balanced meals is more important that all the supplements in the world. It is a known fact that a lot of Olympic athletes have gone organic and generally place supplements to their proper place, that is, to supplement 3 to 5 healthy balanced meals.

Making sure to get greens and essential fatty acids that are hard to find naturally should ensure that the runners is in top shape. Also limiting (but not eliminating) your cholesterol intake should give you that much needed boost to perform when you need too.

Running exposes you to many germs. In fact a typical runner will be exposed to more microbes than your typical couch potato. So it is best to be clean. A runner should avoid touching his or her face especially after touching foreign objects. Touching dirt or a dirty hand rail for example can be seriously bad if you don’t remember to wash your hands just before eating.

Runners who are training hard may push themselves to the limit and weaken their resistance. This makes them ripe for airborne microbes which can cause a simple cold or even knock them out with pneumonia. The best way to combat this is to bathe and wash your hands after each and every run.

Sleep should be everyone’s best friend. Most of the western world lack sleep. Runners especially need lots of it to repair their damage tissues, ligaments and hard working heart. Anyone who pushes hard without proper sleep will eventually tear down their heart.

A very dangerous trend for amateur runners is to down an energy drink habitually when running. These stimulants may force your heart beyond their limit. There have been many stories about super healthy athletes dying because of them. So try to limit your stimulants and rest when your heart exhausted.

Slowing down sometimes can be beneficial for serious runners. One of the greatest misconceptions in running is that training for a competition requires you to train until the competition day itself. What others do not know is that competitive runners cut back in their training and instead focus on rest for the big day.

Resting is part of training and cutting back in your training schedule a few weeks before your race will only serve to build up your stamina when race day comes.

All these tips are not hard to do. Runners should take care of their health a little more wisely. Running alone cannot make you healthy. But running is a tool that when combined with a proper lifestyle can give you a long and healthy life.

Healthy Tips For Busy Moms

Being a mom is a wonderful, fulfilling and all consuming event. Just because you’ve become a parent, however, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look and feel your best! Remember despite becoming increasingly busy, you are still just as fabulous as you were before becoming a mom. Healthy habits are difficult to maintain in our fast-paced world because we expect every aspect of our lives to happen instantly. With all the technological resources we have at our finger tips we never have to wait for anything. One exception should be your health. Like it or not, waiting is what you have to do if you want to see changes in your health. There are so many changes you can make in your life that can help you get on the right track. I’ve written about some of my favorite ways to stay healthy, and I hope they work for you like they’ve worked for me.

1. Walking- This is one of the easiest activities you can do to get your health on the right path. Walk with a friend around your neighborhood, walk your dog to a local dog park, go on a walk with your kid(s) on a nature trail, or take your baby for a walk in a stroller. If you have the time I would suggest walking for an hour a day, but if you can only get out of the house a few times a week that’s okay too. I was recently in Italy and every evening the locals would stroll the streets before dinner on what’s call a passeggaiata (which is a slow walk). The entire family participates in these. Get your whole family to take a stroll before dinner. It will be a great way for everyone to bond, and you’ll get some exercise!

2. Eat fiber- If you’re really busy and just don’t have a lot of time to snack all day, you should think about eating a fiber rich breakfast. My favorite thing to eat in the mornings is Quaker Oats Weight Control oatmeal. It’s quick, easy, and they have different flavors. It has 6 grams of fiber, and, I kid-you-not, it keeps me satisfied for several hours! Now, I’m not telling you to starve yourself, so if your hungry go-ahead and eat some fruit. Another great benefit of fiber is that it lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease.

3. Drink lots and lots of water- This is really important because you can’t always distinguish between hunger and thirst cues. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day will prevent you from munching when you should be keeping hydrated. If you’re not a big water drinker try Omega to Go. Just mix a packet in your water and you’re ready to go! They taste terrific, and they’re great for using in a water bottle.

4. Take the stairs- I know everyone has heard this before, but it’s an excellent alternative if you can’t make it to the gym everyday. If you work on the 50th floor, don’t kill yourself hiking up all those steps. Instead, tell yourself you’ll walk up or down 4 or 5 flight then take the elevator. Increase the number of flights you take by 1 every week or every two weeks. You’ll forget that you’re working out, and you’ll have toned legs in no time!

5. Eat almonds- These are my absolute favorite in-between meal snack. Eating whole, raw almonds has many health benefits including lowering your cholesterol. Ignore the high calorie count and stick to about 2 ounces a day. Almonds are the perfect on-the-go snack. Just toss a handful or two in a bag and you’re ready to go. Also try almond butter instead of peanut butter. It’s delicious!

Stick to these small tips and you’ll notice changes in yourself. From experience I’ve learned that once you start eating healthy and exercising a little, you’ll love the way you feel so much you’ll adopt new habits. You might notice that you choose healthier options in a restaurant as opposed to something you may have normally ordered. Don’t give up because you deserve to feel like a goddess!

Simple Healthy Tips

hl3As a teen, you may tend to ignore suggestions from parents, teachers, and other nagging adults when it comes to health. You also ignore the signs your body sends warning of an impending illness. What you need to learn to do is heed your internal warning system and shut out the pressure from your peers if you want good health.

Warning signs that you are not eating healthy:

o Skin breakouts
o Fatigue
o Muscle weakness
o Lack of desire to do activities
o Lack of interest in physical activities
o Feeling like you always want to sleep
o Inability to focus on school work

Here are a few tips to change how you feel:

1. Eat breakfast… you may not think it is cool, you may not think you are hungry, but your brain and your heart think otherwise. Feed your body with good healthy food in the morning and it WILL make a difference in your energy levels during the day. Choose foods like fruit, cheese, eggs, or cereal. Avoid high sugar foods because those will give you a drop in energy half way through your morning.

2. Eat lunch… your friends may not think it is cool and you may think socializing at noon is more fun, but your organs and your bones don’t agree. Your body needs food halfway though your day and that means milk, protein, and healthy carbohydrates. Your afternoon will go better for you at school if you have had a healthy lunch. And if you are into sports, lunch is a must to provide your bones and muscles with the energy they need to perform at practice or the all important game. Sports drinks are okay too but look at the caffeine and the sugar levels. Sports drinks should supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need to supplement the loss you have during exercise.

3. Don’t skip dinner… teens need a balanced meal at the end of the school day to replenish your body with the nutrients for growth and muscle development. You need dinner, and the family time wouldn’t hurt either. If family dinners are not something common at your house, make yourself a good dinner, just don’t skip this meal.

4. Get enough sleep… another thing your peers may poke fun at. Teens need 8-12 hours of sleep a night to grow, learn, and feel good. A late night on the computer and text messaging your friends does nothing for your health. Don’t be ashamed to go to bed early a few nights a week. Your health may depend on it.

Do these things on your own without being nagged and you will be rewarded with feeling more energetic and less stressed. Maybe you can even pressure your peers to try it too.

The Truth Behind Healthy Tips

Have you ever tried to do work in a crowded cafe’? It is not easy, and often I find myself trying very hard to tune out the conversations around me. But today, I happened to sit down next to two women and I just couldn’t shut my ears. One woman was telling her friend about the new diet program she had started, which is a pretty common conversation right now considering we just started a new year. After listening only a few minutes, I was finding it extremely difficult not to poke my nose in their conversation. Still, I mustered the strength to just sit and keep typing away on my laptop.

This woman next to me was telling her friend about all the different types of prepared food her “great new diet” included; energy snack bars, pre-packaged meals, oatmeal and soup that miraculously all had the same caloric quality and nutrient impact. I wondered, how are these companies so good at making someone think that was good for their health?

The diet this woman was describing could only be one of those programs where the meals are packaged nicely into individually wrapped boxes that are labeled with nutrition information that illogically tries to help you understand how it will affect your body. For those of you that often wish and hope that the latest diet you’ve heard about will bring you to the shape you dream to be, take some time to read the article, “Fad Diets: Why They Are Bad & How To Spot Them,” by This poor women sitting near me had fallen prey to one of these fad diets, a program that doesn’t encourage you to eat real food, because heaven forbid you can’t count the actual number of calories in the food you are eating!

From my years of self-education, I have a reasonably extensive understanding of nutrition and I’m continuing to build my knowledge through coursework at NYU. Listening to this woman speak made me wonder if these diet “experts” had even taken one nutrition class. I felt compelled to get up, walk over to the woman’s table and start reading aloud an article I had just read, “3 Reasons Crash Diets Don’t Work,” by Tina Haupert. This article seemed like it was written to save women just like her from wasting their time on another weight loss program that would never work and would only leave her feeling discouraged. But I didn’t. I just sat at my laptop, typed away and tried to let the sounds of their conversation drift into the background.

I felt truly sorry for this woman. She was taking the initiative to be healthy and take care of her body, but she fell victim to some crazy diet plan. I wanted to tell her, “Stop, don’t do this! I can help you! Those diet program creators are just trying to sell their product!” None of the food recommended in the diet was actually even food. It was only a bunch of chemically-enhanced mixtures in a perfectly-proportioned calorie-count package. Isn’t it so convenient that in order to successfully complete this diet program, you have to eat only their “food!” Whether you meet your goals or not, they are making money on your initiative. Your health is of no matter to them.

Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be packaged in a box and complicated. You should not need a degree in nutrition to be able to calculate the right portions to eat, or a private chef to cook your meals. And the truth is, it doesn’t. Unfortunately, so many people looking to lose weight are desperate and confused and the proper information is not readily available.

Looking over at the two women chatting, I found myself wishing they were my friends so that I could simply talk them out of following such crazy diet programs. I wanted to explain to them that calorie intake is not the only important factor in weight loss or weight gain. What is important is eating “real food” to help your body reach your healthy weight.

I read an article recently by a respected physician that talked about how processed foods can actually prohibit weight loss because they disrupt metabolism. The diet this woman was describing could actually cause her to NOT lose weight. Instead, the bulk of her diet should include foods that are unprocessed, naturally occurring, and the best are plants instead of animal products. Cooking meals at home can also help to control quality by allowing you to watch ingredients more carefully. It is also helpful to eat a variety of vegetables, in larger portions, to maximize your intake of vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. And don’t forget to drink lots of water and avoid any and all soda. Keeping refined carbs and sugars out of your diet will play an important role, and artificial sweetener should be avoided as well.

If I was friends with the woman at the table next to me, I would have given her healthy recipes and told her to eat when she was really hungry – ravenous even – instead of eating every hour or so. Then, I would encourage her to fill up on fresh and healthy whole foods, but not to over-eat.

I would also tell her that it’s important to be physically and mentally satisfied as well. It’s important to eat food that tastes good and doesn’t leave you feeling hungry and deprived. I would tell her that she should think long and hard about starting a program that makes socializing or leaving the house difficult.

But unfortunately, we were strangers sharing this small space in a cafe’ and so I couldn’t share this advice with her. However, she was a reminder of why I care so deeply about helping people live healthy lifestyles and hope that someday, a woman just like her will come to me for advice and I will be able to share my knowledge and really change the way she eats and lives. I would help put her on a path that keeps her healthy, allows her to achieve her goals and eliminates her desire, or need, to diet forever.

ealthy Tips to Help You with Menopause

Most of the time, for being strained out of menopause, women don’t pay attention to their health.

That is totally wrong. Living healthily can even help a lot in facing menopause.

To do so, you can try these healthy yet easy tips below:

  1. Breakfast Power

Chances are you have been sleeping during the night and it has been at least 8 hours or more since you last ate. A healthy, hearty breakfast gives you the fuel you need during the day, or at least until lunch. Easy to prepare breakfasts include cold cereal with fruit and low-fat milk, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, whole-grain waffles or even last night’s pizza!

  1. Get Physical!

It’s not as difficult as you might imagine to fit physical activities into your daily routine. Walk, bike or jog to see friends. Take a 10-minute activity break every hour while you read, do homework or watch TV. Climb stairs instead of taking an escalator or elevator.

  1. Power Snack

If you eat right during the day, it’s OK to eat cookies, chips and candy, as long as you do it only occasionally, and in moderation. Snacks are a great way to refuel. Healthy snacks include a glass of low-fat milk and a few graham crackers, an apple or celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins, or some dry cereal.

  1. Work Your Heart

Vigorous work-outs – when you’re breathing hard and sweating – help your heart pump better, give you more energy and help you look and feel best. Start with a warm-up that stretches your muscles. Include 20 minutes of aerobic activity, such as running, jogging, or dancing. Follow up with activities that help make you stronger such as push-ups or lifting weights. Then cool down by stretching and deep breathing.

  1. Too Much of One Thing is Not Always Good

You can eat foods such as hamburgers, french fries and ice cream and still eat healthy. The key is how often and how much of them you eat. Your body needs nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat and many different vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and A, iron and calcium from a variety of foods. Balancing food choices from the Food Guide Pyramid and checking out the Nutrition Facts Panel on food labels will help you get all these nutrients.

  1. Activate Your Family and Friends!

Research has shown that you are more apt to remain on an exercise regimen if you exercise with friends or family. Encourage others to join you and plan one special physical activity event, like a bike ride or hiking, with a group each week.

  1. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables give you carbohydrates for energy, plus vitamins, minerals and fiber. Whole-wheat bread is healthier than white, as is spaghetti and oatmeal. Bananas, strawberries and melons are great tasting fruits. Don’t forget to add lettuce to your sandwich for a daily serving of vegetables

Healthy Tips

Heart disease is the serious condition that would lead many people to the death. It is really important to have a healthy life habit to avoid the risks of suffering this disease. Healthy eating and exercise regularly would be the perfect solution for the great effort preventing heart problem. Some tips below could deliver the great information about the healthy life for your healthy heart.

1. Eating Vegetables and Fruits

Many people believe that the power of fruits and vegetables are the natural way to keep your healthy body. Containing variety of useful nutrients, these foods would fill almost all your body need without any side effects. The antioxidants, phytoemicals, potassium, and fiber would be the great contributions of your healthy heart. Preparing various colors of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals would be really useful for your healthy eating habit.

2. Focus on the great fiber

The excellence of fiber is really popular which make it be the great nutrient suggested by many experts. It is really useful to lower the amounts of cholesterol in your body. Besides fruits and vegetables, the whole grain also could be the amazing source of fiber.

Nowadays, you could find this whole grain in the store. You could choose brown rice, whole grain pasta, wheat crackers, and snacks like popcorn. If you want to make sure that the foods you would choose are a whole grain, you should pay attention to the ingredients list. Find the words “whole grains” or “whole wheat” as the first thing in the list of ingredients.

3. Choose the lean meats and low-fat dairy

Other healthy foods could be the best choice for your healthy heart. Low-fat and lean meats have recommended as the great foods to replace the fat and the calories in your daily diet. To get these foods, make sure that you choose the cuts of meat entitled the words “round” or “loin”. The delicious turkey and chicken are also could be the perfect choice.

The useful low-fat dairy foods could be found in yogurt, low fat or no-fat milk, and cheese. They are the great way to keep your heart healthier.

4. Doing simple workout to be active

Reducing the cholesterol in your blood by doing simple workout would be the effective way to prevent heart disease. This physical activity absolutely could increase your heart rate. You could start to do your favorite activities that you could enjoy every day. They could be swimming, gardening, walking, aerobics and much more.

Losing Weight Healthy Tips

If you want to lose weight healthy and get in shape the proper way, the best thing you can do is learn. Learn what the right way to get in shape is and follow these tips and techniques. This article is going to cover four of the largest requirements for healthy weight loss.

1: Exercise

Strange, but many people try to lose weight without even exercising. It’s possible. Don’t get me wrong. But the results are never as effective as if you follow all four of these “requirements” I lay out. Just exercise by itself isn’t that effective unless you’re cutting calories or doing extremely strenuous physical activity.

Case in point. I used to run in cross country back in high school and was chubby. I was running an average of a hundred miles a week and still held onto fat!

The reason I recommend exercise for healthy weight loss is that it promotes general health and fat burning. When you exercise you get stronger and can help develop and tone muscles. Muscles help you burn fat faster and thus contributes to weight loss. In addition, burning fat through exercise helps reduce your body fat percentage and make you “leaner” and less “flabby”. You know, those people that lose lots of weight and have really lose skin that looks like a ninety year old’s! That’s because they didn’t exercise!

2: Diet and Watching How Much You Eat

This is the second rule and is the most important, in all honesty. It’s the reason people can lose weight by simply dieting and not exercising alone. To lose weight you need to have less calories per day than your body uses. Exercise can help with this. But an easy way to go about this is to simply cut calories.

3: Food Selection

This is where the whole idea of losing weight healthy comes to play. Sure, you could lose weight eating two cookies a day but is that healthy? You want to eat the best foods that help you with your fitness goals, not make it more difficult!

Think of celebrities. When they need to get in shape for a role do they go try some dangerous unhealthy diet? Some do, yes. But most get a personalized nutritionist that controls what they eat. And these nutritionists make sure they are having the healthiest, most natural foods possible.

4: Meal Frequency

I thought I’d mention this in the four important necessities. Although not following meal frequency isn’t unhealthy, it does promote a slower metabolism and can stunt weight loss. What I’m talking about for meal frequency is eating more but smaller meals throughout the day. Instead of having two large meals have six small meals. This keeps your metabolism up and can speed up the fat loss. Often times people get more energy throughout the day as well.

It takes a lot for your body to digest one large meal of a thousand calories. By giving your body 400 calories to process every few hours instead you leave a lot of energy to doing other things, like exercise!

Healthy Tips For Your Prostate

Prostate cancer is a serious and often deadly disease. Statistics suggest that annually, over 240,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and over 33,000 will die from this type of cancer. For American men it is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths. If your prostate becomes enlarged it can cause other health issues such as prostatitis. There are many ways men can improve their overall health and protect the health of their prostate. Making wise choices regarding lifestyle and dietary decisions can be very impactful towards reducing the risk of developing this disease.

Healthy Diet: Focus on eating a healthy and well balanced diet. This should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. The vitamin and mineral content in fruits and vegetable are high and will keep you feeling satisfied and full. This should help you to avoid the temptation of over eating other types of foods that are not as good for you. A fruit or vegetable also makes a great snack. For example, carrot and celery sticks or an apple can be both a nutritious and delicious snack.

Eating more plant based foods over animal proteins is a good choice as well. There have been studies which suggest a possible link between diets high in animal fats and the development of prostate cancer. Substitute plant based oils for animal fats such as butter. Use olive oil instead. To dress up a salad substitute cheese with a sprinkling of seeds or nuts. There are many great alternatives to animal based foods. Some good vegetable choices include tomatoes, brussel sprouts and kale. Tomatoes are high in lycopene which is a very powerful antioxidant. Brussel sprouts and kale are very healthy cruciferous vegetables. Some fruits high in lycopene include papaya and watermelon. Be creative and enjoy eating these healthier options.

Low Fat: Foods that are high in fats include proteins such as meat as well as dairy products. You should reduce the amount of fat you consume daily and opt for lower fat choices. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt are high in calories and fat. When eating meat, always choose the leaner types and cuts. Consuming chicken or turkey breast is a much healthier alternative to fatty steaks or burgers.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: You should aim for 2-3 servings of fatty fish such as salmon, tuna or sardines weekly. The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that are found in these types of seafood are very healthy and have been linked to possible disease prevention. Avoid the farm raised variety and try to eat wild caught seafood.

Alcohol consumption: Keep alcohol consumption in moderation. Limit yourself to one drink daily if you do choose to consume alcohol. And it goes without saying that smoking should be discontinued if indeed you do smoke.

Weight Management: Being overweight increases your risk for a wide variety of diseases. If you are overweight try to begin a sensible weight loss program that is both healthy and realistic. Do not participate in fad or dangerous dieting regimens. Instead focus on eating healthy, wholesome foods and reducing your caloric intake. Cut out processed foods, sugars and white flour based products. All of these foods are high in calories and tend to create weight gain in people. Look at an online “BMI” chart which is also known as the “body mass index” chart. You will be able to determine what is a healthy weight for your height and gender. You can determine if you are overweight by looking at a BMI chart.

Exercise: Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is so very important to your overall health and well being. Exercise will not only help you lose weight, it will help you maintain your weight, therefore preventing obesity. It is ideal to exercise for 20-30 minutes daily. There are so many options for you when it comes to exercise that you really must just find something that you enjoy doing. For example walking, hiking, tennis or joining a gym are all good choices. Find little ways during the day to get more exercise in as well. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to local shopping instead of using the car are great ways to increase your exercise time throughout the week. Exercise has been shown to strengthen both the immune and digestive systems. By improving your circulation it can also reduce the risk of your prostate becoming enlarged.

Stress: Make sure that you reduce the stress levels in your life. Stress is a major component in weakening the immune system. This can make you more vulnerable to illness. Find a healthy balance in your lifestyle by focusing on positive changes you can make to improve the quality of your life.

Some Additional Tips: If you have a family history of prostate cancer you should let your doctor know as this increases your risk. At the age of 50 you should begin getting the appropriate screening and diagnostic testing that is available to catch this disease in its early stages when it is most treatable. Remember whenever beginning any dietary or lifestyle changes, always consult with a medical professional, particularly if you are taking prescription drugs or suffer from any disease or ailment.

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Healthy Tips for Dining Out

Diners have become more health-conscious the last few years, and now want healthy choices whether eating at home or at their favorite restaurants. Thank God the restaurant industry has responded favorably to accommodate this demand so there are many options available for you to eat healthy out these days.Whether you’re eating at home or dining out, the same rules for watching your weight apply. You should train yourself to eat more fruits,whole grains and a lot of vegetables. Choose smaller portions of lean meats, fish and poultry. Eat a variety of foods, and fresh, raw foods are better. Reduce the intake of sugar,salt,saturated fats and alcohol. Taking a lot of water and making exercise a daily habit will be very helpful. So whether you’re having lunch with a group, or having a romantic dinner for just two, you can still eat delicious foods that are low-in calories and good for your health,all you need is some planing and forethought.Here are some easy tips to remember when ordering out that will help you to lose weight even when eating at your favorite restaurants:

1. If you are conversant with the restaurant menu,you will need to plan your order ahead of time. This will help you avoid making a last minute decision that could end up been a wrong choice in high calorie.

2. Drink at least one full-glass of water or iced tea before eating your meal. This helps your digestive process, and, because you’ll feel full sooner, you will eat less.

3. Be willing to ask for the “senior citizen” special or kid’s sized portions.Most restaurant do not have problem with this in fact you will end up paying less as well.

4. Order first.This reduces the likely hood of been influenced by your friends or group.This will prove to be a major help for you in maintaining a healthy eating habits.

5. If you’re not sure how something is prepared, don’t be afraid to ask. And if the dish is cooked in oil or butter, you can always ask if they have a “fat free” option.

6. If everything on the menu is high in fat or calories, don’t be afraid to make a request for a plate of fresh fruit and vegetables. Many restaurants offer a vegetarian selection, so if you don’t see it on the menu, ask.

7. if you are ordering meat or fish, request that it be grilled or broiled, and should be prepared with no oil or butter.When eating use lemon or herbs and spices to give it flavor instead of heavy sauces.

8. Order an appetizer and a salad as your meal. Or a soup and salad. For dessert, choose fresh fruit.

9. When choosing soup, remember that cream-based soups have many more calories than broth-based ones.

10. If you’re having a full meal, split the appetizer and desert with your companion.

11. If you decide to order pasta, tomato sauce has fewer calories than cream-based sauces, just like soup.

12. Choose bread sticks over bread, or if you eat bread, don’t add butter.Avoid muffins and croissants, and go for whole grain instead of white.

13. Choose steamed vegetables instead of baked potatoes or other starches. Again, use lemon and herbs and spices rather than butter to flavor them with.

14. Whenever possible, eat like the Europeans do, and have your biggest meal at lunchtime. Not only will you save money, but you’ll cut down on calories at the same time!

15. Make sure you enjoy your meal. Savor the flavors and textures of your food, and enjoy the company you’re with. When you eat slowly, you give your body’s internal clock the time it needs to know when you’ve had enough. When you’re full, stop eating. Ask your server to remove your plate so you’re not tempted to keep eating while you wait for your companion to finish.

16. Request for salsa on your baked potatoes,instead of sour cream and butter. Not only is salsa much lower in calories,but it adds a “spicy” flavor to potatoes.

17. Order salad dressings and sauces “on the side.” This gives you more control of how much to use. Another tip for salad dressing – rather than pouring the salad dressing on your salad, dip your fork into the dressing first, and then into the salad. You’ll get the same amount of flavor, without all the added calories!

18. Choose brown rice over white rice (or french fries), whole grain breads and rolls over white. Not only are they lower in calories, but they are better for you.

19. Stay away from “all you can eat” buffets and salad bars. It’s too easy to lose track of the amount of food you’re what you eat, so it takes some amount of discipline.

eating, even when it’s salads. If that’s your only choice, then stay away from the pasta, marinated salads, cheeses and fruit salads with whipped cream. Stick to soups, raw vegetables and fresh fruits.

20. Have your soup first. It will help to fill you up, and most soups have fewer calories. This will reduce the hunger feeling before the main food arrives. This will help you control what you eat.

21. If you’re craving something sweet, and don’t want fresh fruit, choose sorbet. If you absolutely HAVE to have the chocolate sauce, use the same trick as you did with the salad dressing – dip your fork into it first, then your dessert.

22. Split your dessert with your companion. You’ll still feel like you got to be indulgent, and you’ll only have to exercise half as long to burn off the extra calories!

23. When ordering sandwiches, order them with mustard only, rather than mayonnaise. Not only does mustard have almost no calories, but you won’t miss the mayo!

24. If the portion you were served is large, only eat half of it. Take the other half home. Not only will you get two meals for the price of one, but you’ll cut the calories in half as well!

Healthy Tips for Men

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are-maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a nutritious diet and regular exercise is vital at any age. But as we grow older, physiological changes associated to aging start to show. Some of these changes include the decrease of our heart’s efficiency, the ability of the body to utilize oxygen and bone density. While we can’t stop the aging process of our body, we can definitely slow down and improve these physiological changes.

Who says you can’t be fit and fabulous when you’re 40 or beyond? Read on to find tips how a forty-something man like you can still be sexy.

1. Set a goal

Set a fitness goal for yourself and commit to it. Simply wanting to lose weight or to improve your cardio won’t do you any good unless you take action. Allot 2-3 hours a day for exercise and create a routine. Stick to that routine until you e achieve your desired outcome. Keep in mind that you’re not getting any younger, if you want to be fit, the right time to start is now.

2. Ditch the diet

If you want to be fit, you don’t have to go on a diet. All you have to do is to eat a balanced meal 3 times a day and you’re good. Diets, especially when not committed to can only result to yo-yo weight gain and loss. Eating nutritious food regularly such as fruits and vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, calcium-rich foods and plenty of water will not only keep your health in excellent condition, but will help trim your belly as well.

3. Keep yourself active

When you reach your forties, you should start addressing the physiological changes that aging brings. Keeping your heart healthy should be at the top of your priorities so regular cardiovascular exercises are vital. When you have a daily workout routine, work on your cardio at least 3 times a week, but when you don’t, find an activity like swimming or jogging and do this also a minimum of 3 times a week.

Cardiovascular exercises and resistance training are both vital in avoiding age-related muscle loss and increasing bone strength.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people

It is natural for you to feel lack of motivation in the middle of trying to be fit, especially when you workout or exercise alone. Sometimes all you need is a little healthy competition, support and some company to keep you going. Try joining a class or finding a gym buddy. This way, you will less likely skip your sessions when you know that someone else is waiting for you.